18 June 2018

Hussalonia Leaves Social Media for Patreon

Patreon Homepage ScreenshotOverwhelmed by marketing and bad news, The Hussalonia Founder recently deleted hisTwitter and Facebook accounts. "I don't want to be part of the noise," he said in a press conference attended by absolutely no one.

In an effort to create an ad-free space on the Internet dedicated to documenting the working process, The Hussalonia Founder has created a Patreon account. Much like a blog, his public posts chronicle the life of a working artist, focusing on the minutiae of writing, recording, and managing domestic life. It has become a place to empty his thoughts without worry of trolls or 280 character limits. If you are a Hussalonia fan, please consider following his public posts. There is no purchase or pledging necessary. All you need is a free Patreon account. Read this post for more information.

Of course, like all Patreon accounts, there are tiered levels of support. If you pledge as little as $1 a month to support The Hussalonia Founder in his many artistic endeavors, you will get instant access to behind-the-scenes posts previewing unreleased music. For $5 a month, you will automatically get any Hussalonia album that's released while you are a patron at this level as well as other benefits. To read more about the tiered levels of patronage, go to the Hussalonia Patreon page. Your support is appreciated in all its forms.

18 June 2018

New Album is Free, but Available By Mail Only

"You've Got Mail" singleIn a tribute to a bygone era, the latest Hussalonia album, Mail Order Hussalonia, is available by mail order only. Send no money, only a self-addressed, stamped envelope (S.A.S.E.). In just two to four weeks, your S.A.S.E. will be returned to you with a free download code for the album as well as an official Hussalonia membership card and mail order catalog. Requests sent without a S.A.S.E. will not be honored! If you're not sure what to do, simply listen to the special recorded message at the end of the album's single, "You've Got Mail."

Send your S.A.S.E. to:
P.O. Box 504
Buffalo, New York 14217

International fans may simply send a postcard to the above address. The postcard should provide a neatly printed email address to which the download code could be sent.

Mail Order Hussalonia features ten new songs, all accompanied by Buffalo singer-songwriter-musician Aurora Bouvier on saxophone and vocals. The single, "You've Got Mail" is available at nearly all digital retailers, including Spotify.

11 March 2017

Hussalonia Instrumentals Appear in The Hyphen Project

Hyphen Project PhotoCanadian filmmaker Gabriela Warrior Renaud used a number of Hussalonia instrumentals in "The Hyphen Project," a 2016 short film that follows her journey to making Hyphen, a forthcoming feature-length documentary which "explores cultural identity by sharing stories and experiences of mixed-race Canadians."

The short film uses instrumentals from the Hussalonia albums slefless [sic] and OMG LOL WTF.

"The Hyphen Project" was featured on CBC's Absolutely Ottawa program can be viewed by Canadians here. The rest of the world can view it here.

27 November 2016

The Founder's Social Media Suspension Ends With Release of Nefarico™ Soap Operas

Soap Opera PhotoNefarico™ has liberated The Hussalonia Founder from social media suspension with the unceremonious release of Nefarico™ Soap Operas — a five-track EP of skits in the style of old-time radio dramas. The dramas, which originally aired on WNFCO AM 1230, were commissioned by Nefarico™ CEO Lou Cipher as programming filler to be played during station off-hours. The Hussalonia Founder is now somewhat reluctantly releasing these mini-soap operas — all shameless commercials for Nefarico™ products — only to regain the social medias privileges revoked by Nefarico™. Allegedly, there exist more radio dramas made for WNFCO AM. Neither Nefarico™ nor the Hussalonia Founder has made it clear if the additional radio dramas will ever be released.

22 October 2016

The Hussalonia Founder Contributes Mural to Art Alley, Niagara Falls, New York

Art Alley PhotoThe Hussalonia Founder comes from a long line of art school drop-outs who have abandoned the visual arts for music. So when Niagara Falls artist (and occasional Hussalonia drummer) Rob Lynch asked The Founder if he’d be interested in contributing a 10’ x 6’ mural to a public arts project called Art Alley, he was thrilled to return to his painting roots. In the summer of 2016, the Hussalonia Founder painted the “Art Alley Cat,” a pugnacious feline that reflects art’s simultaneous drive to invite and confront its audience.

Art Alley, which is now open to the public, features 19 murals from area artists and can be found at 425 3rd Street, Niagara Falls, New York, 14301.


26 July 2016

The Hussalonia Founder Participates in The Online Indentity Project

The Online Identity Project Thumbnail ImageThe Hussalonia Founder was recently interviewed by Virginia Streit, creator of The Online Identity Project, an online not-for-profit project that explores the impact of digital cultures and online environments.

In the interview, The Founder discusses the fluidity of identity, the insidious prevalence advertisements and music’s relationship to digital technology. Among other things, he says, "The problem that the Internet creates is that we are forced to create a one-size-fits-all version of ourselves, a virtual 'you' that mingles with your friends, family, co-workers and — if you’re an artist — your audience. That can be difficult (or impossible) to do."

You can read the full interview here.

01 June 2016

Hussalonia Founder Suspended by Nefarico™

Dogdammit cover art

The opening track of 2015’s The Somewhat Surprising Return of Nefarico™ Jingles reported that The Hussalonia Founder was legally free to release Dogdammit!, but refused to do so. (Nefarico™ previously shelved the album Dogdammit! because it infringed on the trademarked name of its popular “Dogdammit Foaming Soap.”) This, however, was not entirely true.

In late May 2016, The Hussalonia Founder announced on Twitter and Facebook that Dogdammit! was completed and would be released on June 7th. Days later, Hussalonia’s Facebook page was taken down and The Founder Tweeted that he would be “leaving the Internet indefinitely,” providing a P.O. Box in which he could be reached.

dogdammit foaming soapIt has since come to light that when Nefarico™ gave permission to release Dogdammit!, it was with the understanding that it would be sold only in Nefarico™ Duty Free Shops and only in specially-marked packages that contained a sample of Dogdammit Foaming Soap. When The Founder announced at a weekly Nefarico™ board meeting that he planned to release Dogdammit! wherever digital media is sold (Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, and more), Nefarico™ CEO Lou Cipher suspended The Founder from using any social media to promote the music of Hussalonia. Cipher said that The Founder may regain social media privileges by releasing another Nefarico™-themed album.

There is no word on whether or not The Founder intends to comply. Dogdammit! will be released on June 7th, wherever digital media is sold.

01 June 2016

The Hussalonia Founder Appears on Flash Forward

Flash Forward episode illustrationThe Hussalonia Founder was recently interviewed by Rose Eveleth, host and producer of the clever and impossibly smart podcast Flash Forward.

Each episode of Flash Forward speculates a hypothetical future in which science or technology has changed our way of life. The Hussalonia Founder was enlisted for episode 14, “Popnonymous,” to ponder a future in which all pop stars use avatars (robots, clones or holographic cartoons) to face the public. The Founder also discusses the existence of Nefarico™ and why he publishes his work somewhat anonymously.

Flash Forward is part of the Boing Boing podcast network. It can be downloaded on iTunes or streamed here.

01 May 2016

Former Guided by Voices and Swearing at Motorists drummer Don Thrasher interviews The Hussalonia Founder

TreblePhonic interview previewDon Thrasher, who once played drums in the legendary groups Guided By Voices and Swearing at Motorists, interviewed The Hussalonia Founder for TreblePhonic, a new music website founded by Thrasher and his colleagues.

Thrasher calls The Founder a “deft creator of indelible pop hooks” and gets The Founder to speak at length about his musical beginnings and the decision to release music exclusively in the digital realm.

Read the full interview here.

01 April 2016

A Somewhat Uneventful Update...

YouTube Channel PhotoLet's face it, it makes more sense to follow Hussalonia on Facebook or Twitter in order to stay updated. However, in the event that you avoid social media at all costs, here's what's been going on:

The Hussalonia Founder recorded some lo-fi, black and white videos of himself performing other people's songs in the Subterranean Hussalonia Headquarters. He might record more.

The Hussalonia Founder also has an Instagram account wherein he collects images of things he finds inspiring. Well okay, he's had it for over a year now.

Hussalonia has released a bunch of new albums since 2014 and is currently working on more new albums. He's always working on new albums. The world continues to shrug its shoulders.

So, really, there is no news. Carry on!

18 July 2014

Introductory "Best Of" Album and Special Offer (Expired)

Pop Does Not Mean Popular Album CoverHussalonia is proud to release its first-ever compilation album, Pop Does Not Mean Popular: A Polite Introduction to Hussalonia (2004-2014). The album is designed as a starting point for newcomers to the world's greatest pop music cult, focusing on some of the best songs over our last ten years.

Each of the 20 tracks were remastered from the original file, with several tracks remixed for improved fidelity. Sure, you could put this album together yourself, but it wouldn't sound as good as this one, and it wouldn't contain the previously unreleased "Hussalonia Anthem (Pop Does Not Mean Popular)."

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and everywhere digital music is sold. Listen to it in full on Spotify or Bandcamp!

01 June 2014

Hussalonia Unveils Web Series

YouTube Video ThumbnailFor those of you who may have wondered what it's like to see the Hussalonia founder perform live (or what he looks like for that matter) wonder no more. Hussalonia's web series "Live from the Subterranean Hussalonia Headquarters" will feature one song per episode, performed live before a camera.

Each episode will also feature a Nefarico™ commercial.

There are seven episodes for this first season. No word on whether or not Nefarico™ is planning on a second season.

Audio from the live performances will be available on Bandcamp. Bonus tracks will include all the Nefarico™ commercials and incidental music.

The first episode goes live on June 1st 2014. New episodes will be posted on the first and fifteenth of the month. View them here.

01 June 2014

Hussalonia Founder on Twitter

Twitter ScreenshotHere are some sample Tweets:

  • We built this city on rock and roll. Also, on a brownfield.
  • Robin Gibb discovers the depth of your love: just barely 2.7 meters.
  • Paul Simon discovers 51st way to leave your lover. Process involves dying.
  • Nefarico™ currently developing "Snapchat" for musicians: artists post a song that disappears 10 seconds after it is published.
  • This day in pop music history: Robert Plant gets an A+ on Ms. McCoy's math test. Parents take him out for ice cream. (1959)

To read more, follow the founder: twitter.com/Hussalonia

16 September 2013

Hussalonia on Welcome to Night Vale

Nightvale LogoWe are thrilled to announce that "Never Be Famous" by Hussalonia appears as the "weather" in episode 31 of Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast that follows the spooky on-goings of a fictitious Arizona town via a faux-public radio broadcast. At this writing, Welcome to Night Vale is the most downloaded podcast in the US, Canada, Australia, and It's #3 in the UK. According to Wikipedia, each episode enjoys approximately 150,000 downloads. This will, without a doubt, be the largest audience Hussalonia has ever reached.

But what of it? The founder has never been one to care about reaching the masses. No, he's excited beyond description because he's a huge fan of this highly literate, poetic, absurd, surreal, existential, and often hilarious ode to old-time radio drama.

Listen to and download the episode here or on iTunes.

16 September 2013

New Hussalonia Available as Limited Edition Cassette

Tape coverHome Taping Is Killing Me is Hussalonia's latest collection of concise and raucous songs in a power pop/pop punk tradition. Hope for the Tape Deck is releasing a limited cassette edition of 100. The cassettes are professionally duplicated, high-bias, chrome cassettes. The J-card features liner notes not found online and a coupon for Nefarico™ washing goggles.

Hussalonia has 19 cassettes to sell on our Bandcamp page. Buy yours from us and you'll receive a personalized, hand-written letter from the Hussalonia founder on Nefarico™ letterhead. Are we sold out? Head over to Hope for the Tape Deck and see if they have any left.

Like all of our other releases, Home Taping Is Killing Me is also available as a digital download with pay-what-you-want pricing.




22 July 2013

Third Party Claims Copyright on Public Domain EP

Public Domain Cover

In 2006, Hussalonia released a 4-song EP called The Public Domain EP. While it is not legally possible to release an original work directly into the public domain (a work enters the public domain 70 years after the death of the author), the Hussalonia founder claimed to do so as glib commentary on the contemporary worries surrounding copyright law and artist royalties. The Hussalonia founder also wanted to encourage other artists to use his work royalty-free. The project was a sucess. Songs from The Public Domain EP regulary appear in student films and YouTube videos without fear of copyright infringement.

Until now.

A third-party company has recently placed a copyright on the songs and re-released the EP under the name Royalty Free Rock Music. The album makes no mention of Hussalonia anywhere in the liner notes, instead crediting the music to the "Roaylty Free Institute." Now when video artists wish to upload videos to YouTube containing songs from The Public Domain EP, YouTube's copyright algorithm tag the songs as owned by The Royalty Free Institute, forcing the user to take down their video or add a link to the Royalty Free Rock Music page on Amazon.This should come as no surprise, as Amazon's vanity label CreateSpace started selling the CD in 2009 for a mere $11.99 - not a cent of which will go to Hussalonia. (Please don't buy it!)

When contacted for comment, the Hussalonia founder said, "This is what happens when you try to say that no one can own something; someone says they own it."

The Public Domain EP remains a free download at Archive.org.

05 April 2013

Hussalonia Music in "Chasing Wolves in Transylvania"

Video Screenshot

Have you ever wanted to hear a Hussalonia song in a short film about German punks looking for wolves in Transylvania? If so, then your dream has come true. Team Wolf, a group of German punks, won the Adidas "all Originals represent" contest and documented their quest to find wolves in the mountains of Transylvania. The result is the12-minute short film "Chasing Wolves in Transylvania."

Hussalonia's arrangement of Romania's national anthem from 2010's Know Your Eastern European Anthems can be heard about three-and-a-half-minutes into the film as the German punks commune with a Romanian farmer and his family.

View the film for free here.

[UPDATE: This video seems to have disappeared from the Internet, but you've got to trust us; it existed.]

06 March 2013

Hussalonia Now on Facebook

Facebook Screenshot

If you are inclined to like artists and bands on the most popular social media site in the world, and you are also a Hussalonia fan, you are in luck! Hussalonia now has an official Facebook page. Click here to visit.

02 February 2013

Hussalonia Performs Live on the Internet

StageitIn preparation for a local live performance (his first in five years), the Hussalonia founder will be performing live on Stageit.com, an online venue that allows artists to broadcast streaming shows to a select audience. The show is limited to 50 viewers with a pay-what-you-can admission price. (Pay as little as ten cents!) The founder will be broadcasting live from the Subterranean Hussalonia headquarters, performing his favorite Hussalonia songs accompanied only by an electric guitar. You may reserve your ticket now (remember, there are only 50 virtual seats), but it does require that you sign up for a free Stageit account.The show will happen this Thursday, February 7th at 8:30 PM EST and will be a 30-minute show. Be one of the Hussalonian elite and reserve your ticket here!


02 February 2013

Hussalonia Is Artist of the Month on Stereo Hysteria

stereo hysteria logoStereo Hysteria is a fantastic podcast fashioned towards discerning music nerds like yourself. The current one-hour episode is entirely devoted to Hussalonia! Podcaster Charlie Crane conducted a telephone interview with the Hussalonia founder last week, portions of which appear throughout the episode. The Hussalonia founder gives this his stamp of approval -- Nefarico be damned! Listen to the full episode for free here: http://stereohysteria.podomatic.com/





01 August 2012

Hussalonia Website Goes Dark for Nearly Six Months

Nefarico logoWithout explanation, beginning in January of 2012, visitors to the Hussalonia Internet concourse were met with a one-page website bearing this message: “Per Nefarico’s request, Hussalonia’s back catalog has been deleted.” Throughout the first half of 2012, the Hussalonia switchboard found itself flooded with concerned citizens, wondering what happened to their favorite pop music cult. Indeed, what happened?

When Nefarico™ CEO Arkhip Kozlov assured the public shortly after the Hussalonia buyout that the Hussalonia site will continue to operate in a fairly unchanged state, what he, and others, could not have anticipated was his sudden death by food poisoning.

After consuming a single serving of cotton candy at the Spectacular Deceptico™ Circus for All Ages, Kozlov quickly perished, causing many to speculate foul play. Having recently joined the Nefarico™ board of trustees, former Deceptico™ Vice President Patrick Swayze (no relation) found himself the new CEO of Nefarico™ and a very different company emerged. Swayze enlisted the Hussalonia founder to write and perform a two-hour radio play about King Nefarikong, a violent and filthy primate who, after growing to unmanagable proportions, is finally subdued by learning the virtues of cleanliness. The play was a shameless, two-hour commercial for Nefarico™ soap products and breached a contract stipulation that the founder was not obligated to record musical pieces that exceed two-minutes. When the founder refused, Swayze pulled the plug on the Hussalonia website.

What followed was a highly publicized legal battle (complicated by the intervention of Swayze’s arch nemesis, Limpy Jim). All that we need to concern ourselves with is the fact that the Hussalonia Internet Concourse is back – and with a much-needed facelift. Fans will note that some releases are no longer available. This is a lamented concession of the settlement. Plans are in the works to release a record that compiles some of the deleted material onto one release.

Yet another concession is that the Hussalonia founder is not allowed to release any new, original material until he delivers an album of Nefarico-themed songs. There is currently no word on what the founder intends on doing to fulfill this obligation.

07 February 2011

Hussalonia Purchased by Nefarico™, Soap Manufacturer

Nefarico logoPop music cult Hussalonia has been purchased by Nefarico™, manufacturer of fine luxury soaps, for an undisclosed amount in early 2011. In a press conference held last week, Nefarico™ CEO Arkhip Kozlov assured the public that the Hussalonia Internet Concourse will continue to operate in a relatively unchanged state. All music on the site will still be available for free, though it is rumored that Nefarico™ will begin placing advertisements for their fine luxury soap products on the site sometime within the coming year. Yet another stipulation of the purchase is that the Hussalonia founder will no longer be able to use his name or likeness in association with Hussalonia. As a result of this stipulation, all evidence of his name and face was removed from the site in mid-January 2011. It is widely believed that Nefarico™ purchased Hussalonia in order to employ the founder to write commercial jingles for their fine luxury soaps. (Indeed, the company's recent radio jingle for Puffy Caustic Soda Flakes — "It's a Fine Day to Be Caustic" — bears a striking resemblance to the work of the Hussalonia founder.) Because the Hussalonia founder is ultimately under strict contract to Nefarico™, it is unclear whether or not he will be allowed to continue releasing original material of his choice on this site. Sources close to the founder say that he has already begun releasing music on another site under an undisclosed pseudonym.

13 March 2010
Hussalonia Mixes New Roger Bryan and the Orphans Record

Record coverFellow Buffalonians Roger Bryan and the Orphans' new album, Wolves, was mixed and mastered by the Hussalonia founder. It comes highly recommended for fans of heart-on-the-sleeve rock and roll ala The Replacements, You Am I, Wilco, and Ryan Adams. You can buy the MP3 album ($8.99) and preview tracks at Amazon.com by clicking this. Or, if you're really cool (and we know you are), you'll buy the 12" vinyl LP directly from Roger Bryan's website ($10 plus shipping) by clicking this.

21 February 2010

Fan Website Attempts to Write About Every Hussalonia Song

Link to blogInspired by Anthony Ling's Every Bob Dylan Song website, writer and Hussalonianite Leonard Kirke has started a blog wherein he is attempting to write about each and every Hussalonia song, seemingly in chronological order. This, as one could imagine, is a major undertaking of little reward. Let it be known that Mr. Kirke is in no way affiliated with Hussalonia, nor will he receive any compensation for his work. He writes from his own desire to write and to benevolently spread the Hussalonia word. The Hussalonia Internet Concourse applauds Mr. Kirke's commendable efforts to raise Hussalonia awareness by giving each Hussalonia song a moment in the World Wide Web. We have found his initial installments to be insightful, honest, confessional, and enchantingly tangental. Everything one could hope for in a blog about Hussalonia. Read for yourself by clicking this.